News update!

From October 2018 - Open by appointment only.

Due to a change in circumstances, Roger Watkins Garden Machinery will be operating differently from 1st October 2018

We will continue to be available, by prior arrangement, for:-

Sales of new machinery from selected manufacturers,
Sales of hand tools, accessories and consumables,
Warranty work on those brands we supply,
Servicing during the warranty period, for machines sold by us.

We will not be carrying out general repairs and servicing for any other machinery.

New Machines

We have a small range of brands which we believe are good quality and value for money. A few machines are kept in stock, most of the rest can be ordered in at short notice (a few days). Click on the brands below for the relevant website.

Silky Saws |

Often copied, but nothing can beat the long lasting sharpness and quality of these Japanese saws. The special tooth design gives an incredibly fast and clean cut. From a 130mm folding pocket saw to a 7.7metre reach pole saw. A small range of the more popular saws is in stock, others and spares available at a few days notice.

Okatsune pruning secateurs, snips and hedge shears, also on the Silky website. These tools complement the Silky saws with their quality, lightness and long lasting sharpness. Most popular in stock, others to order in a few days.

Aspen Fuel

An alkylate petrol with many benefits for user, machine and environment. The base fuel has no unwanted compounds or additives so it burns very cleanly with huge reduction in toxic emissions, and the premixed 2 stroke version uses a top quality synthetic oil producing no smoke, and no carbon build up in the engine.



MO Bacter organic moss killer is an effective combined moss killer and fertiliser. Working over a three month period it should reduce and eventually eliminate moss while improving your lawn, with no black patches, raking or scarifying. This is the first product we are supplying from Viano Organics, Belgium's oldest family owned business. We may extend the range if demand warrants it. Various spreaders are available for sale or hire.

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